Virtual Tour – New Media for Business Marketing

Virtual Tour – New Media for Business Marketing

Create and Use Images from Your Google Virtual Tour for Marketing

Google Street Virtual Tours as a Source Images and Video which can be used for creating a new look for your business. New Media for Business Marketing can be used for any internet and printing usage.

360 Panorama Images

360 Spherical Panorama created from the location scanned original image. Such panoramic image contains a whole 360 degree panorama in one picture. This can help your to present a general panoramic look for the business. It is easy to use such image for website, social media and printing processes.

Waterloo Region Museum 360 Panorama New Media for Business Marketing

Screen Shots of Virtual Tour

Screen shots from Google Street View will show the best most important part of your business in a static look. The image can be used for internet and printing with mentioning about Google copyrights.

Waterloo Region Museum Google Street View

3D Effect Images

Screen shot images created with help of 3D viewer software to present part or whole image in a new look.

Video Made from Virtual Tour available as well